Windstopper Insulated Hunting Fanatic Jacket

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Windstopper Insulated Hunting Fanatic Jacket

Windstopper Insulated Hunting Fanatic Jacket is a cheap outdoors hunting gear online shop.

The Fanatic Jacket is the whitetail hunter’s perfect tool for capitalizing on late-season conditions. Due to Windstopper Technology, the jacket can withstand cold winds while remaining ultra-silent.

Thanks to diagonal-zip design, a pass-through hand muff lined in Berber fleece for exceptional warmth was included. To round out the design, functional pockets for a rangefinder and grunt tube that flank the diagonal zipper for quick at-hand needs were added.

Simplifies donning and doffing the jacket while secured to a torso-mounted harness tether, eliminating the need to disconnect from your harness when adding or subtracting layers.

The new Fanatic Jacket is very quiet. It allows a hunter the ability to move with more confidence by cutting the audible engagement distance in half.

This is the best hunting jacket you can buy. I seen one review that said it was noisy. There is absolutely no way that person is talking about the Sitka Fanatic. This is a purpose built archery jacket for cold temps. It is super quiet and well thought out. It’s a little pricy but you only have to buy it once.

Real hunter on public property. And every dollar counts on what ever it is. 511 215 xl is perfect. Tried on at the store wearing a t shirt 1 min 20 sec to start sweating 70 inside temp. In Dakota weather it works. Nuff said. What wind, what cold, and for the price it better. Lastly saftey harness opening in collar.

This jacket is awesome. It is 100% silent and very warm. I layer underneath it and have hunted in low 20’s with no issue. I carry in a backpack on my way out so I don’t sweat. Easy to put on in my stand and like that I don’t have to remove my harness to put on. Yeah, this stuff is expensive. There is no denying that. Can you get decent gear for a lot cheaper? Sure you can. Does that gear have features you didn’t even know that you needed? I doubt it. It’s a investment. Buy good gear, take care of it and it will last. I bought the bibs as well. They are equally amazing.

I was really nervous about ordering this for my boyfriend because of the price and worried the sizing would be off. I got it and couldnt wait until xmas and went ahead and give it to him! He was ecstatic! It fit perfectly and he cant wait to wear it in the woods!