cheap hunting gun cleaning kit online

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cheap hunting gun cleaning kit online

cheap hunting gun cleaning kit online tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

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Belt Attachment: It has a belt attachment to slip your belt through it.

Portable: The cleaning kit includes a snap on case that holds all the necessary cleaning tools included to keep your gun in tiptop shape.

Lightweight: It's small and lightweight design allows you to carry it your bag.

Cleaning kit with 5 piece rods(Includes Loop), adaptor, brass brush, chamber brush,dual-ended nylon brush, empty bottle.

NOTE: Some accessories are consumables, if there're some problems while using, please feel free to contact us, we are willing to help you.

Bottom line - have a high quality cleaning kit at home for after you are done shooting. But in the field, this suits the need. Just remember to fill the empty bottle up with the cleaning fluid and pack a small bottle of lube as well.

I use this as my range kit. I throw this in my small range bag to have "just in case". It works and has most of the items you would need at the range to clean your firearm.

good quality bag with heavy snaps. everything fits in perfectly and akes very little room in my range bag.

Very fast delivery. Acaltly like my original military issued cleaning kit for my M 16a2.

The cleaning rod is of great design and quality while also maintaining a nice compact package for having a quick on the go option for firearm servicing and cleaning.

It was exactly as advertised. The perfect travel kit to take shooting with my AR.

Basic cleaning kit, just like in the military. Nice to have a basic kit with metal rods that you don't have to purchase seperately or are garbage like the Hopps aluminum ones at walmart. Would recommend!

I wound up purchasing a separate cleaner for my 22 rifle before I opened the package on this kit. That was not really necessary. This kit would have handled it it the included rod. I wound up purchasing a separate package of cleaning clothes, but this kit works fine.

Bought this just for the rods, but the extras are nice and useful. One of my rods had defective threads and I contacted Gloryfire who replied almost immediately. They not only replaced the rod but sent an entire new kit as well while keeping in contact with me the entire time. They treated me like I was their most important customer.

Good price on a good item.