Shotgun Shell Holder with Leather Backing

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Shotgun Shell Holder with Leather Backing

Shotgun Shell Holder with Leather Backing tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

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The purpose of designing this shell holder. So many people complain that a loaded shotgun is dangerous. But if they lock it, it will also be inconvenient when they need a gun in an emergency. Our shell holder makes ammo HANDY. It does save your time looking for shells.

Great construction. To create the most durable shell holder, we spent 1-year to find out reliable material. We use the most rigid nylon, high-quality leather, and durable sleeve to make it sturdy. Also, Electronic Positioning Solution ensures every round is accurate so that they can hold shells securely and allow easy extraction when needed.

Easy to get on and take off. It’s a bit of a challenge for most shell holders to set on the shotgun. However, ours don’t require you to remove the butt or spend a lot of time. You need to install the shell holder from the barrel end, and all the process only takes 5 SECONDS. ONE MORE THING, Though our products are easy to install and uninstall, it does attach firmly to the stocks Good fit and wide application. The shotgun shell holder fits most shotguns, such as Remington 870; Mossberg 500 Series, 590A1, 835, Maverick 88; Dickson 12 gauge; Benelli shotgun; HR Pardner; Etc. And it has a wide application, such as home defense, trap shooting, hunting, law enforcement, three gun match, etc.

The shotgun shell holder has elastic loops, not easy to deform when pulled, holds 5 shotgun ammo. No need to carry extra shells in your pockets and save space as much as possible.

This shotgun ammo holder designed with toughest nylon leather,durable stretch sleeve and can adapt to irregular shotgun handles. Attaches firmly to the butt of most long guns without slipping.

Fits snug on my H R break barrel .holds .410 shells tight. Would hold 357 mag cartridges as maybe tje smallest cartridge. It will not hold hornet.

This Bandolier works well for your common shotgun shells. 12 gauge 20 gauge. You also can easily switch up from wearing it around the waist to strapping it over the body across your shoulders.

Perfect for my self defense shotgun, no need to spend a lot of money.

It fit the stock without a problem. Extra shells are held snuggly and don’t come loose until needed.

This fits tight and was a little struggle to put over the butt stock swivel this insures a long lasting tight fit.

It's nice secure fit holds the shells nice and snug allows for optimum freedom flinging within a moment's notice.