Invincible God (Water Margin)

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Invincible God (Water Margin)Invincible God (Water Margin)Invincible God (Water Margin)

Hearing Chen Yan say that he was married, Wang Jianshe could not help grinning, "My daughter-in-law is not there yet, who will I marry?". However, Wang Jianshe naturally understood what Chen Yan meant. So many people fought and attracted villagers to watch. Only by marrying a daughter-in-law could the countryside be so lively. Gathering a crowd to fight is an illegal act, and if the police station really wants to investigate it, it will be very troublesome. Wang Jianshe was also very clever. He hurriedly followed Chen Yan's words and said with a smile, "Comrade Jjng Cha, I'm getting married today.". The comrades in arms had not seen each other for many years, and they drank a little too much. Fortunately, there was no trouble. I'm really sorry to let you come here. In this way, there is a ready-made banquet at home, and several leaders go to have a cup of wedding wine. The jjng inspector naturally understood the mystery, and the jjng officer who led the team said in a businesslike manner: "What about the people who reported jjng? We need to investigate and understand, and we need to fill out the jjng record." Chen Yan smiled indifferently and said, "Comrade jjng, as soon as the person who reported jjng saw that there was no accident, he was afraid of being charged with lying about jjng. As soon as he heard the sound of the flute, he ran away in fright.". In this way, can Wang Jianshe take the place of the visa? The jjng officer who led the team just glanced at the scene and knew that there must have been a fierce fight just now. However, now that the situation is calm and there is no victim to report the case,Silver Travertine Slabs, jjng will not ask for trouble. Hear the proposal of Chen Yan, jjng officer knows this person is an expert, one face says gravely: "Since the person that reports a case ran, that is only such.". Nevertheless, you give those who report a case a message, judge later clear to report jjng again, our jjng force is limited,grey marble slab, need to be used in the place that needs truly. Chen Yan said with a smile, "What Comrade Jjngcha said is that we must deliver the message." With these words, Chen Yan gave Wang Jianshe a glance and asked him to sign the jjng record of jjng inspection, indicating that the person who reported jjng had seen jjng inspection and was very satisfied with the on-site treatment. The old branch secretary is naturally a real newspaper jjng person, and he did not run away. However, in the conflict just now, the old branch secretary did not listen to Chen Yan's advice, but toughened his scalp to block left and right, shouting not to fight. It's just a pity that at the beginning of the melee, an old man with poor legs and feet can stop anyone. Also do not know which side of the collision, the old branch book a stumble fell to the ground, sprained foot, ankle swollen old high, simply can not walk, was carried into Wang Jianshe yard to rest. Jjng finished filling out the exit record, Agate Slabs For Sale ,Marble Projects, explained a few words in a businesslike manner, and drove home. In fact, as soon as they entered the village, the jjng inspectors found that there were so many people, and they felt a little nervous. If there is really an armed fight, what role can the four jjngs of them play. If not, the JJNG car may be overturned. Seeing that the scene had been brought under control, the jjng inspectors naturally enjoyed their success. As soon as the jjng inspectors left, the hoodlums brought by Zhu Laowu also started their cars and fled the sad place dejectedly. The brothers of the Zhu family were defeated in a muddle and lost face. In the future, there will be no capital to brag in Zhangzhuang Village! All the hoodlums who could walk ran away. The eldest brother and the fourth brother of the Zhu family had a lot of sticks on their bodies, and they were in pain all over, so they had to go home to recover. The family of Zhu Laoer, who had always acted as a pawn, was the worst this time, having been beaten twice before and after. After Zhu Laowu led the hoodlums away, Zhu Laoer was despised by the villagers, and the family quickly closed the door, fearing that Chen Yan would command the troops to come into the house and suffer a third time. Chen Yan is also a good young man who abides by the law and discipline. Naturally, he will not go to Zhu Laoer's home to beat people. According to Chen Yan's arrangement, Wang Chao selected 40 of the 300 veterans who had worked in construction. After everyone arrived at Wang Jianshe's courtyard, at Chen Yan's command, forty veterans worked together to push the brick wall that the Zhu family had just built upside down. Forty men worked together again, and in less than an hour they rebuilt the wall in the middle of the two houses. With this long-distance battle, the cadets were greatly inspired. Chen Yan to Wang Jianshe, more effective than any preaching, let the veterans realize from the heart, into the Blue Shield security school is to find the right place, as long as follow Chen Yan, absolutely no one dares to bully them. Chapter 225: Grapevine. Under the command of Chen Yan, the Zhu brothers were taught a lesson and their collective sense of honor was fully mobilized. All the students of Blue Shield Security School have made great efforts to study and practice hard. They must learn the real skills and go to the international market to build the first brand of Chinese security. The area where the Blue Shield Security School is located is located in the south of Xijing, which was originally a large textile factory. Due to market reasons, the textile mill almost closed down, and only one spinning workshop was still in production. In order to feed thousands of workers, the textile factory turned its huge factory area into small pieces for auction. The present land of the school is part of the textile factory, which was later sold to a technical school. After the closure of the technical school, it was sold to Chen Yan's security school. Because it is located in the old city, there are mostly some low old buildings, and even some shanty towns. In recent years, the real estate development in Xijing has been very popular, and many old urban areas have been demolished and transformed. It is said that this area will soon be developed, and residents are actually looking forward to saying goodbye to shanty towns and living in new buildings. When he took over the technical school, Chen Yan also considered the issue of urban transformation. However, through some connections, Chen Yan learned that there is no such plan for the time being, and this area will not be touched for at least three to five years. Besides, urban development is to enhance the image of the city and benefit the citizens,Calacatta Nano Glass, and there will naturally be reasonable compensation. After the Blue Shield Security School officially opened, there were nearly 400 students and logistics classrooms, which also brought some business opportunities to nearby commercial organizations. The business of small restaurants and small stores was obviously much better.