Long live the call

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Long live the callLong live the callLong live the callLong live the callLong live the callLong live the call

When the transmission is successful, the transport array explodes and becomes a more dilapidated existence. Because of the destruction of the transport array, no more energy was injected into the crust, the earthquake gradually subsided, and the volcano was silent, as if nothing had happened. In the sky, there was only a piece of black smoke that had not yet scattered, which witnessed the fact that Yueyang and the bloody queen had come. Transmission is very fast, just feel a flash, Yueyang and the bloody queen, has come to the existence of a new environment. This is an island suspended in midair. Huge, hundreds of times larger than Leibao on the sixth floor of the Tower of Babel, and Yueyang's eyes could hardly see the opposite edge. But on this side of the transport array, you can clearly see that several kilometers away, there is an edge, a huge circle, slowly rotating to the distant direction, until the vision can not reach the place. Yueyang and the Bloody Queen came to the edge of the island and looked down. I found that I could not see the bottom at all, it was so deep that I could not see the ground at all, maybe there was no ground at all. Upward, you can see a lot of dilapidated dense houses, lush forests,Inflatable mechanical bull, and some towers standing on dangerous cliffs. It is certain that there is an empty island on the third floor of the Tower of Babel, but it is absolutely impossible to have such a big empty island, even if there is no empty island on the sixth floor of the Tower of Babel. There is no comparison between Leibao and here. Besides, Leibao is not technically a floating island. What kind of force can make such a huge island suspended in the sky? Here, where is it? Three floors of Babel Tower is impossible, the gravity here is comparable to the six floors of Babel Tower, and the three, four, five or even six floors of the Babel Tower have not found such an empty island. On the sixth floor of the Tower of Babel,inflatable castle with slide, there may be a secret place that no one has discovered, such as the Five Elements Palace Yin. But it's impossible for such a huge empty island not to be found! Yueyang and the Bloody Queen tried to fly down for several kilometers, but did not reach the bottom of the empty island. It was not until nearly 100 kilometers that it was found that it was getting smaller and smaller. Finally, the bottom is completely sharp. Looking down, it is not the land, but the endless sky. My meow, is this the legendary city in the sky? "Yueyang has learned from the mother of the tragedy man that there is a huge city in the sky, which is huge and can accommodate tens of millions of people without feeling crowded. Many powerful sects or races will occupy such a huge empty island and lead their own people or sect disciples." Build your own'city in the sky '. Not to mention the matter of heaven, how did this huge empty island come about? Is this heaven? No, the sky is not so easy to enter. It could be an empty island that fell from heaven and landed here. The question is, who has the power to make it fall? At a little distance, looking up at the empty island, Yueyang found that he had never been so shocked in his life. It's huge! Compared with it, people are indescribably small. What does it feel like to see this empty island? It's like seeing a'ghost see sorrow 'and The abyss of despair, both pulled out on the ground, inflatable air dancer ,Inflatable indoor park, and then put into the sky that kind of shock, even more exaggerated! Yueyang found that there are no human beings here, but there are also Warcraft, and the species is completely different from the outside world. The most terrible is their level, almost all of them are above the gold level, only the cubs are bronze or silver level. The number of Warcraft here is not much, and it is surprisingly scary. As soon as they see Yueyang and the Bloody Queen flying close, they immediately dodge far away. There are many buildings here, Yueyang has seen, found that in addition to no one living inside, everything else, there are pots and beds, with ordinary town rooms are no different, as if the people here just left yesterday. Moreover, the buildings here are completely different from those in Longteng Continent. Both inside and outside the rooms, they are extremely exquisite, with carved beams and painted pillars, distinctive style, and artistic sense in both single rooms and combinations. A kind of script similar to the celestial runes can be seen everywhere. In a very distant place, there was a vibration, and then the vibration sounded again and again, very rhythmically. Yueyang hurriedly let the bloody queen return to the world of the treasure book first, hold his breath, completely disguise himself as a'non-life ', through the silver-level war eagle made by Yue Gong, take himself to the place that shook. After dozens of kilometers, they crossed a large forest. At the edge of the woods, Yueyang stopped and saw a huge palace a few kilometers away. Splendid! Seeing this palace, Yueyang felt that even all the words in the world could not accurately describe its magnificence and grandeur. You have no worries about the palace, compared with here, it is like a grass house. The palace of Tianluo Kingdom is the most beautiful palace in the whole Longteng Continent, but compared with this one, it is also small and big, less than one tenth of this palace. The most amazing thing for Yueyang is that there is a golden shield outside the Kuangshi Palace. It looks like a shield to summon the treasure book, but it is eternal, has no time limit, and is huge enough to cover tens of square kilometers. It was so horrible that Yueyang was so stunned that he couldn't believe his eyes. Compared to the mirage after the night, the shield here is a hundred times bigger! There is a tiny, tiny black spot in the sky. Is sending out the momentum of deterring the world, holding a hammer-shaped holy vessel flashing a hundred meters of brilliance, fiercely attacking the shield, over and over again. The hammer-shaped sacred vessel and the shield interact with each other, inspiring a terrible hurricane, and the shock wave sweeps across the earth. At every knock, there was an earth-shaking sound like rumbling, rumbling. However, even so. And in vain. The shield did not move, and there was no sign of weakening after beating for so long. Yueyang looked at this black with the eyes of heaven. Immediately, he was so frightened that he drew back and hid in the forest, fearing that the other party would find him. Meow,inflatable floating water park, this looks very small black spot, unexpectedly is six thousand years ago the prison emperor God, today's black prison king! Why is the Black Prison King here? He seemed to want to break through the shield and enter the palace. Then what secret was hidden in the palace. joyshineinflatables.com