The emperor startled the dragon

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The emperor startled the dragonThe emperor startled the dragonThe emperor startled the dragon

When the door opened Yuzhu complained What's the matter I am a man in the temple Can't you be a high roller in Jianghu and a knight-errant in Wulin "Wang Ye what are you talking about" "How many times have I told you to call me by my name Why is it still Wang Ye's" Li Mengfan said with a smile "The humble abode is simple There is nothing to entertain There is only bad wine and coarse food" "Cheng Cheng" said Yuzhu! That's enough flavor 。 It is a great pleasure in life to have a heart-to-heart talk with two or three friends in the middle of the night but it is a pity that I am not blessed to enjoy this strange interest Li Mengfan took out the food and wine and said with a smile "Be accommodating These are the only things that ordinary people can entertain" "Don't mention it I said the more casual the better" "If I come during the day I can get some'green plum boiled wine 'and have a good drink" "When Liu Bei and Cao Cao discussed heroes by cooking wine didn't they drink this kind of'green plum cooking wine '" "Exactly" "How do you compare with Liu Bei and Cao Cao" "Wang Yeh's martial arts are unparalleled and his talent and strategy are great Cao and Liu just met by chance and the current situation created heroes It's just that I can't compare them" "All right!"! All right ! Don't be sour ……” He took a sip of wine and said "I didn't expect you to have such good wine!" Li Mengfan smiled and they drank a toast Li Mengfan asked "I think Wang Ye must have something to do here He is not here to drink this bad wine" "Of course of course I hope you can give me some Transportation face" "If only I could —" "The overlord wants to meet you and Yanshuang" Li Mengfan raised his glass and said "Wang Ye I propose a toast to you" "Don't interrupt Are you going or not" "I'll do it first for respect" The jade bead also dried up Li Mengfan added wine for him and said "I think the overlord mainly wants to see the inkstone frost" "But the old man seems to feel sorry for you" "How can that be" "Why not" Yes Do you think all the rumors are true When the overlord was on the throne he could say that he was especially favored by the holy family This is a thing of the past and people will inevitably recall and review it "Wang Ye I-" Yuzhu looked at him and said "Don't say no" "Let me think about it and think about it!" "How long" Consider how long ” "Wang Ye deliberation is deliberation and you may not go in the end" Do you think Yanshuang will go "It's up to her whether she goes or not Ask her yourself" "Mengfan I am also thinking for you then you can take Yue Hui to testify together if you can find Szeto Zhe to go together that's better" "We'll have to wait until we find Szeto Zhe" said Li Mengfan Yuzhu glared at him and sighed "No one dares to treat me like this Mengfan I really can't do anything about you" Fine! Let's find Szeto as soon as possible 。” "Thank you!" "Do you think Szeto Zhe is still alive" "As far as I know he is still alive as of tonight" "How do you know" "Please believe me China Manufacturers this is a matter of personal interest to me and I will not shoot from the hip" I'm leaving! How is sister Shuang ” She's fine Why don't you drink a little more "If you don't go I won't be happy unless you promise to go now!" "Let's wait until we find Szeto Zhe before we drink'Green Plum Boiled Wine '!" "Lombelle got out of the carriage and went straight to the gate of Heshen" Master Baylor! "A guard is going to announce" No need! Benjue went directly to Zhongtang 。” Lombelle went to the study and the guard said "Master Belle no one is in the study" "Where" Master Baylor there are several places for your excellency to rest ” "What are those places" "This-" the guard dare not say in the hall adult's rest place is the secret if was known by the enemy that also got "What's the matter" Said Lombelle coldly Don't you even dare to say it Forget it …… Forget it! Zhongtang's subordinates are great ……” This was a first-rate bodyguard who had just arrived His surname was Sang and his given name was Gu He was known as the "Gibbon" Naturally he had heard of the friendship between Long Baylor and He Zhongtang He said "Please don't mind Master Baylor I've just arrived here and I'm not familiar with everything Let my position lead the way!" "Thank you!" "Master Baylor please!" "What's your last name" "The humble position of Sanggu" "Is it the famous'gibbon 'in the martial arts world" "Shame in name but not in reality in name but not in reality!" "You're welcome!"! You can't go wrong with the people chosen by Zhongtang ! I heard that Zhongtang House has invited several experts this time ” "Yes there is a'little hair 'with the same rank as the humble rank" "I've heard of him He's said to be in his early fifties Is that what everyone calls him" "Yes Lord Baylor most people may misunderstand when they hear Construction Real Estate this name thinking that he is young or not of high status but in fact he-" "I know this Xiaomao is a famous figure in the martial arts world" "There is another one who has no title for the time being but whose status is one level higher than ours" "Must be a rare master" "Master Baylor you've heard about the humble position and Xiaomao You must know the Thunderclapper right" Lombelle felt a shock in his heart and Shen invited a novice to come but he didn't say anything to him By this time they had entered the inner courtyard and said "Master Sang just tell me the place I won't waste your time I can find him myself" "Master Baylor must have been to the Yinfeng Pavilion in the east courtyard" said Sanggu I've been there "The stone bench facing the door turns three times to the left and the stone steps appear on the right side of the stone table leading to the underground secret room" "Oh!"! It turned out to be the old place I've been there Isn't there a new secret room "Isn't there another place in Yizhai where there are two huge broken porcelain vases as high as the top" Move to the left There's a small pit under it There was a copper ring in it and when it was pulled a door slipped out of the wall "It's not new Ben has been there" "The other place must be known to Lord Baylor" "Is it the mechanism on the Kang in his bedroom" "Yes yes!"! Lord Baylor knows I won't say any more "Be my guest"