Podcast On Marketing Psychology

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Does marketing live in the heart, or in the head? Should you trust your instinct, or your integers? If the answer is both, should you lead with one more than the other? As an independent creative agency, Mekanism has been asking these questions of ourselves and our clients for over 10 year

Neuro-Insight Founder and Global CEO Pranav Yadav | Making the Right Pitch at the Emotional Peak

It can feel impossible to express the human condition, so we look to great artists, writers and even advertising creatives to do the job. Pranav Yadav, Founder and Global CEO of Neuro-Insight, saw how inconsistent people were doing field interviews–one memorable study tried to find out why people gamble in Las Vegas. A more innate truth was to be found in neuromarketing, which measures neural signals by electrodes to track emotional responses. Yadav brilliantly reads the data and helps marketers, including TJ Maxx and Anheuser Busch, make ads that both stir emotions and hit the right pitch. Podcast On Marketing Psychology

In this episode you’ll learn:

What neruomarketing is and how it’s innovating the way brands are built.What people say in the first hour of a focus group is different from what they say in the second or fourth hour and it really doesn't correlate to actual in-market purchase behavior.Creative is an idea that engages people, but an ad has the additional responsibility of associating the brand at the peak emotional moment.The beauty of life is that if you are open enough to learning, it teaches you everything you need to know.

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