Get Corrosion Resistance for Small Parts with Yellow Zinc Plating

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At Excel Plating we have extensive experience in providing metal finishing services to Aerospace, Military and Automotive industry. Excel Plating also has high speed, wide stock plating capabilities offering finishes in anodizing, hot black oxide, nickel, zinc and tin plating.

Yellow Zinc, or Gold Zinc, is the most common type of zinc plating and a staple finishing process in the automotive industry. It should be remembered here that yellow or gold is only the color of the coating; there's no actual gold in it. Yellow Zinc plating provides an average level of corrosion protection.

Excel Plating provides a wide array of playing services, including Yellow Zinc Plating. Contact us for more details. You can also explore more effective alternatives to zinc plating if you need superior corrosion resistance.

Depending on your requirements, Excel Plating can fulfill your yellow Zinc plating needs or with alternative services such as electroless Nickel plating to achieve a better outcome. We're the experts who can guarantee corrosion resistance for your metal parts.

Advantages of Yellow Zinc Plating

All types of Zinc plating, including yellow Zinc plating, share common benefits. All of the methods can be used to increase corrosion resistance and improve the aesthetic appeal of a metal part. However, the different types of zinc plating also have several distinct benefits. Yellow Zinc plating offers the following benefits:

Corrosion Resistance

Cost-effective Plating Process

Superior Cosmetic Characteristics

Yellow Zinc Plating by Excel Plating

Are you in need of zinc plating services in Guelph to improve the function and appearance of your components? Yellow Zinc plating may be the right solution for you. We offer industry-leading metal finishing services, including Yellow Zinc plating.

Please call us for expert advice on selecting the right plating finish for your project. Call 519-400-6421.