Adult love doll with advanced AI features

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Adult love doll with advanced AI features

The sex industry has grown from the release of inexperienced sex dolls, popular in the 1970s, to today's adult love dolls, where real men like real beauties. In my opinion, single people need our quality dolls because they are also normal and have the same biological needs. Likewise, married people even need women with real dolls. It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, no matter how strong you are, normal people get sick. Everyone must abide by the laws of biology, cell metabolism, death and human disease. No one can escape the fate of flying.

In the real world, such serious problems often arise. Sex is an important factor in maintaining harmony between men and women. When sexual life is not fully satisfied, emotional conflict will follow. In this real world, thousands of couples get divorced every day. The reason for being disheartened is nothing more than the discord between the sexes. At least for most people, it's the worst.

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AI doll's AI function is still very simple. Can answer questions but cannot speak in length. Connect to the Google database of America's largest Internet search engine and choose conversational words there. Rimii admits that these improvements have been difficult. The reason is that experts have little interest in developing artificial intelligence technology for adult products. "Of course, I don't think my AI sex doll will be human, so I make adult products," said Rimii product manager Liu Ding. However, I will add more advanced technology to make body movements more natural.

According to Rimii, more than 20 love dolls with AI were sold for $3,000. At the same time, the company sells 20,000 high-quality adult love dolls every year. The company expects the AI-enhanced live-action dolls to eventually become popular with customers overseas, including in the United States. 80% of the company's sales are exported, and half of the products exported overseas are shipped to the United States.

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