Top Benefits of Different Colors of September Birthstone Sapphires

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The metaphysical properties as well as the popularity and aesthetic superiority of sapphires place it among the best-selling blue gemstones. But did you know that this amazing birthstone is available in other shades as well? While not as popular as its trademark blue color, these stones al

Displaying a regal pride in its rich blue shades the September sapphire birthstone enjoys a celestial superiority due to its mysterious looks, vivid beauty, and vivacious visual appeal. Counted as one of the most popular healing crystals, the September birthstone sapphire benefits wearers in many ways.

If you are a September-born person then this may be the right time to buy sapphire jewelry. However, along with its trademark blue color, the sapphire is available in many other colors as well- each with specific properties. So we have compiled the list of metaphysical benefits of your familiar blue sapphires as well as the mystical properties of different sapphire varieties including red, green, and yellow sapphires.

Sapphire: An Introduction

A stone closely associated with wisdom and serenity, sapphire helps bring clarity of mind and allows the wearer to develop clear perspectives about different things and persons without any conflicting thoughts. It also helps in making better decisions that you wont regret later.

The meaning of this September birthstone is deep and symbolic. The stone is believed to attract wealth but at the same time, it protects the wearer from vices of wealth like envy, selfishness, or jealousy.

The stone is also associated with spiritual benefits including but not related to calmness, concentration, and willpower. It gives confidence to the wearer that they are capable of not only facing but also effacing the challenges on their spiritual path.

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