Glass ball game

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I thought to myself that it might be a friend or an opponent, but it was always a person to talk to anyway. The man was indeed thoroughly Kastari, but the Kastari spirit had not yet congealed him into a mask and armor. He is still a living person and an understanding person! At that time y

I thought to myself that it might be a friend or an opponent, but it was always a person to talk to anyway. The man was indeed thoroughly Kastari, but the Kastari spirit had not yet congealed him into a mask and armor. He is still a living person and an understanding person! At that time you must have seen how happy I was and how much I expected of you, and in fact you turned to meet me with the greatest courtesy and courtesy. You remember me, and I am no stranger to you, and it pleases you to see my face again. So our short and happy greeting did not end in the courtyard, but you invited me, and you dedicated and sacrificed an evening for me. But, dear Knesset, what an evening it was! We were both tortured. We tried to be humble. We were polite to the point of being almost businesslike. We struggled from one topic to another. What a boring conversation! It's just that people are cold to me, but it's even worse to meet you, and it's the exhausting act of catching up that really hurts! That evening finally put an end to my fantasy. I am not your companion, I do not pursue your goals; I am not a Castarian, I am not a member of the religious class; I am only a burdensome fool, an ill-bred outsider. But all this was done with impeccable politeness, and all disappointment and impatience were hidden behind a perfect mask, which was the worst situation for me. If you rebuke me and reproach me by saying, "What is wrong with you, my friend,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, that you have fallen so low," you may break the ice and make me happy. However, this is only my wishful thinking. I see that my sense of belonging to Kastari is pure fantasy, that my love for you, my interest in glass ball games, and my search for partnership are all useless. Knesset, the young teacher,Magnesium Oxide powder, accepted my boring trip to Walzer with courtesy. He sacrificed a whole evening, endured torture and boredom, and then dismissed me with impeccable courtesy. Tesignoli, struggling to control his excitement, glanced at the master of the game with a pained face. The other one just sat quietly, listening attentively, without the slightest sign of impatience, and looking at his old friend with a very kind smile on his face. As Tesignoli broke off the conversation, Knesset's eyes rested on his face for about a full minute, with a warm expression of comfort to his friend. Are you still smiling? Cried Plinio excitedly, though not yet angry, "Why laugh?"? Do you think everything is normal? "I must say," replied Knesset with a smile, "you have described the course of events brilliantly. The truth is so exact that perhaps even the residual feelings of grievance and condemnation in your tone of voice are indispensable facts, caustic calcined magnesite ,Magnesium Oxide price, not only to pour out, but also to reproduce the scene of that year completely and vividly in front of me. And I also think that although you obviously insist on your old vision and the ice in your heart is regrettably not dissolved, your story is objective and correct-the story of two young people in an embarrassing predicament, two people have to pretend to each other, and one of them is yourself, you have made a serious mistake, not only have you not removed the mask, but also you have made it. Instead, he used a happy appearance to cover up the inner pain caused by the situation at that time. It seems that you still blame me to this day, although only you can change the situation at that time. Can't you really see the crux of the problem? Anyway, I have to say that your description today is very wonderful. I did witness again the whole awkwardness of that strange evening, and for a moment it seemed to me that I had to restrain myself, and that I was a little ashamed of our conduct. Yes, your account is absolutely correct. I am very satisfied to hear such a wonderful narrative. "Ah," said Plinio, a little surprised, but still with a tone of displeasure and suspicion in his voice, "I am glad that at least one of us has been entertained by my story. But I have to tell you, I'm not having any fun. "But today," said Knesset, "you can always see how interesting the story is today. Isn't that the glory of both of us? Let's laugh it off! "Laugh it off?"? Why "Because this is the story of Plinio, an old Castarian who had tried to learn the game of glass balls and had longed to win the admiration of his former classmates and friends, and now everything has passed and disappeared completely.". The polite young teacher, Knesset, like him, had been thoroughly trained by Castari, but did not know how to resist the sudden attack of Plinio, and today, many years later, he saw his ugliness in the mirror. I say again, Plinio, you have a good memory, so I don't think I can do it. We're lucky that it's completely behind us and we can laugh it off. Tersignoli was obviously a little confused. The pleasure of the game master made him feel a little comfortable and warm. This kind of laughter was not any form of ridicule. At the same time, he also noticed that there was a strong seriousness behind the pleasure. But his narrative is so full of the bitter feeling of that bitter experience, and the whole story is so much like a confession, that it is difficult for him to change his tone at once. You may not think, "he said hesitantly, half convinced," that what I have described is not to you what I feel. For you, it was just an unpleasant thing, at most a regret. For me, it was different. It was a fiasco and a collapse, and it was also the beginning of a major change in my life. I left Waltzell as soon as I finished my studies,calcium ammonium nitrate price, determined not to return to the Academy of Games, and hating Castari and all the people here. I am disillusioned to realize that I will never be with you again, and perhaps I have never belonged to you as I imagined. Perhaps a little more stimulus could have made me a complete enemy of Castari. 。