Genius of Rebirth Becomes Xiaobai

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The two elders of the blue family watched her bring out one healthy meal after another from inside every day. At the moment, Chardin has gone from one extreme to the other. She is now focusing on healthy and nutritious eating habits, regardless of taste. Food should be light, so as long as

The two elders of the blue family watched her bring out one healthy meal after another from inside every day. At the moment, Chardin has gone from one extreme to the other. She is now focusing on healthy and nutritious eating habits, regardless of taste. Food should be light, so as long as the oil and salt reach the minimum intake of the human body, it is enough to put as little as possible. There is too much loss of nutrition in braising and frying, so we don't come. Poor blue father blue mother, every day to eat steamed food, but also to praise, they are born to spoil their daughter's life, Chardin in the diet is strong and overbearing to death, scared them not to say a word. Fortunately. Chardin was tired of cooking in less than a month, because she couldn't even eat her own cooking. She found that although she was a genius, she was not a genius cook, so she finally stopped. After her brain returned to normal, Xia Dan sat at the table every day, drinking the mung bean soup cooked by Blue Mother and eating the cold dishes cooked by Blue Mother. She kept flattering her in her mouth: "Grandma, the dishes you cooked are really delicious. They are delicious in the world.". Number one in the world. When Xia Dan buried his head in hardship, the expression on his face was like a blue memory before being struck by lightning, completely without the usual arrogance, leaving only simple naivety. Blue mother looked at the familiar daughter,mobile racking systems, can not help but wet her eyes, wiped her eyes and said: "Memory, we are ordinary people, plain light, follow the rules on the line, do not learn from other people to make so many flower intestines." Xia Dan looked up at the blue mother, blue mother's eyes,cantilever racking system, there is helplessness, there is spoiling. Xia Dan could not help feeling sour, thinking that their daughter Lan Yi was no longer there, and thinking of her parents, her heart was even more sour and uncomfortable. A few days ago, she called her parents. As soon as the phone was connected, her mother did not know the voice of Lan Yi. She did not know that this was her daughter. She kept getting excited over there. Xia's mother excitedly told Xia Dan that she was leaving for the Great Barrier Reef to play and told her to say something quickly. Does this look like someone who just lost their daughter? Xia Dan is really stuffy, she does not say that she is Xia Dan, only said that his name is Lan Yi, is Xia Dan's former classmate. Xia's mother said excitedly, "You are looking for Xia Dan. We Xia Dan are now carrying out a great experiment. This experiment is very mysterious and remarkable. If she succeeds, she will be the greatest person in human history. I am the mother of the greatest person in human history. Well, in short, I can't say anything to you now." Hearing her mother say so excitedly, warehouse storage racks ,industrial racking systems, Chardin looked up and thought about it. Then she remembered that at the beginning of the experiment, Chardin had made a will as usual. She lied to her mother that the worst result of the experiment was rebirth. The soul is transferred to the body that has already been prepared. If she can't come back for a while, she can at least transfer the money to her parents'name so that they can have no worries about food and clothing. Her mother believed it. And believed so excitedly that she took her money to play here and there every day. Chardin seemed to see the money she was going to use to buy materials flowing out of her mother's pocket. But forget it, for the sake of her belief in her daughter, let you go to play with peace of mind. Mom, you go to play slowly, the daughter will also start to live a life of eating and drinking, without the aura of genius, and being played as an idiot. Once she left the title of a child prodigy who followed her from childhood to adulthood, she was just an ordinary person with a little bit of the best personality in ordinary life. Chardin hung up the phone amid her mother's hearty laughter and her own self-pity. Chardin went to work 4 Chardin has to go to work. Lan's mother originally thought that Lan Yi would definitely be dismissed for this illness. After receiving the phone call, she was so happy that she pulled Xia Dan out of bed and said, "Yi Yi, your company really can't do without you. You've only been resting for more than a month, and they're anxious to find you to go back to work.". Come on, dress up, and we'll go to work tomorrow. Xia Dan said curiously, "Does Lan Yi also have a job?"? What does Lan Yi do? You work as a receptionist in your company. Have you forgotten? I forgot that you have lost your memory. ” What does the front desk do? Chardin remembered the receptionist in their laboratory, a tough, strong woman of about thirty, who was Joad's wife, Susie, who wanted to occupy a position in the laboratory in order to control her husband and prevent him from being seduced by the fox spirit. When Xia Dan went to other scientific research institutions, the receptionist was very enthusiastic about her. Professor Xia called her so affectionately. Making coffee and tea, and guiding her. But when someone else comes to Chardin's lab, it's a nightmare. No matter who you are, everyone has to withstand nine, nine, and eighty-one interrogations from Joad's wife, Susie. The guard's door is easy to enter, but Susie's door is not easy to enter. But Chardin really liked Susie's professionalism. Since Lan Yi is the receptionist, then go to work. Anyway, Xia Dan has already made up his mind to live on Lan Yi's body. The next day, Chardin went to work on a small broken bicycle according to the address. The place where Lan Yi works is an import and export trading company with a fairly large scale. Xia Dan was on the first floor. As soon as she went to work, the girl named Sheng Wei who worked with her immediately opened her eyes wide and cried out in a fuss: "Lan Yi, you are abnormal!" She rushed up, pinched Chardin's face, pulled Chardin's hair and said, "You didn't wear a candy hair rope or pink clothes today. It's not a bad thing to be sick. You're much more mature and stable all of a sudden." Chardin hates people pinching her face, pulling her hair, and treating her like a child. She pushed aside Sheng Wei's hand and sternly scolded: "Attention, don't pinch my face, don't pull my hair." Sheng Wei giggled: "Oh, Lan Yi, you are serious and funny." She deliberately pinched Chardin's face and pulled Chardin's hair. Xia Dan is really speechless and looks at the ceiling. It's really tiring to talk with people whose IQ is not on the same level. Because the other person doesn't feel your anger at all, he's just talking to the wall. However,Teardrop Pallet Racking, for the sake of being a fool abandoned by God, a person with such a low IQ is pitiful enough, so she doesn't care about her.