How to Care After Buying a Sex Doll

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A sex Doll is not an ordinary toy, it is a special sex toy, humanoid sex dolls, especially silicone Sex Dolls, are not cheap. Therefore, in order to make the Sex Doll accompany us longer, after purchasing, we should learn to maintain the Sex Doll so that it accompanies us.

If you take care of the dolls after you buy them, and how to use them, they will stay with you for a long time. To keep it clean, pay attention not only to maintenance and cleaning but also to how to store it. Check how Eva handles it to make sure you're having a good time with Love Doll.

Unsanitary bacteria of all kinds after using Love Doll may adhere to Love Doll's skin and cause damage, so be sure to clean it after use. After the performance, wipe off any areas soiled with bodily fluids as soon as possible. Gently wash the love doll's skin with warm water and soap, then remove the wig. Separate head from hair and wash with diluted shampoo. Dry your hair with a blow dryer and lightly dampen your skin with a towel.

Maintenance of Love Doll

In order to live better with the Love Doll, steps must be taken to prevent the leakage of oil floating on the surface of the skin and prevent the skin from sticking when the joints are bent. If left untreated, bleeding can lead to cracks and abrasions from skin damage. Among these measures, baby powder is essential, so be prepared. Bleeding is easier after bathing or cleaning, so be sure to apply baby powder after draining. It's gentle on the entire skin, and by applying baby powder hard, the Love Doll will last longer.

Nudity is recommended when wearing light-colored clothing. If you wear dark clothing and leave it on for a long time, the color of the clothing may transfer to your body. If you don't like nudity, try to wear light-colored clothing, such as white. The level of the lover doll has been greatly improved. The Realistic Sex Doll is like a woman right in front of you, so why not buy it and enjoy your new sex life?

Storage of Love Dolls

Dolls with crooked joints or wrinkled skin may be damaged in storage. Store the Sex Doll in the position you bought it, and the load on the joints is small, so it can be used for a long time. It's best to sit on a beaded cushion if you have enough storage space. By collecting a Love doll so that it will not be a burden, you will be able to enjoy your Love doll life for a long time.

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