Iberia Baggage Fees International

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According to Iberia Airlines' Baggage policy, a single piece of checked luggage's maximum combined dimensions cannot exceed 158cm/62in.

Iberia Baggage Fees International -

Iberia Airlines' baggage policy is quite standard and generous. As a passenger of Iberia Airlines, you will get all the facilities you ask for and expect. Iberia Airlines has satisfied its customers with its services for quite some time. Iberia has both international and domestic flights. So the customer base that they serve is quite huge. If you are traveling internationally, the stress of flying to a faraway country can certainly be overwhelming. At times like that, you might be tempted to pack everything you think you need. However, as their passenger, you have to follow their baggage allowance so pack your bags very smartly. If you exceed the weight and size limits of your baggage allowance, you will have to pay Iberia baggage fees internationally. Hence before beginning your journey, inform yourself about their baggage allowance and baggage fee in detail to avoid harassment.

Does Iberia charge for checked baggage?

Iberia Airlines have formulated its policies keeping in mind your comfort and safety. So be sure that any Iberia policy that you might have to follow will not affect you in any way. Iberia is quite flexible with its baggage policy. The baggage allowance does vary from one class to another. First Class and business class get the amount of baggage allowance. The economy class gets the least amount of baggage allowance. The fee you have to pay for the former classes is comparatively much higher. This is why you get those extra facilities. Apart from that, Iberia also has to abide by international baggage laws. The number of bags you can carry, the weight limit, excess baggage fee, etc., depends on the laws of your destination. Moreover, too much luggage can also hamper your traveling experience. Below you will find all the information regarding your Iberia baggage allowance.

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  •   If you have booked the basic Economy ticket, you don't get any free check-in baggage allowance.
  •   For Economy optimal and flexibility, you have one checked baggage under the standard allowance policy.
  •   So Iberia baggage allowance economy depends on the type of economy ticket you have booked. Your checked luggage should not exceed 23 kg.
  •   As a business class passenger, you can carry two checked luggage. Each baggage should not weigh more than 23 kg.
  •   For Iberia cabin baggage, you, as an Economy class passenger, can have one cabin baggage and one personal item.
  •   If you are in business class, you can have two cabin luggage s.
  •   They should be small and light enough to fit the overhead bin above your seat. The same goes for personal items.

So now you are all updated about the baggage allowance and policy of Iberia Airlines. Book a flight with Iberia Airlines today!

How many carry-on bags are allowed on Iberia international flights?

The baggage allowance for Iberia flights largely depends on the route you are traveling in. When Iberia is flying you to an overseas location, they need to follow the local baggage laws, be it for your standard baggage allowance or your excess baggage. So as their passenger, you should stick to their policies. The baggage policy has been formulated based on many technical aspects of the aircraft, such as its weight-bearing capacity, technical details, etc. If the flight gets too overweight, your safety might get compromised. Moreover, traveling with too much luggage can make it difficult for you to move around as well. Hence if you are preparing for an overseas journey, try to pack the essentials only. For carry-on luggage, you must ensure that your bags fit the overhead bin or the area under your seat. So here is the information you need about their baggage.

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  •   As an Iberia passenger, you are allowed to carry hand luggage and one personal item. The hand luggage should fit in the overhead locker. Your article, which can be a camera bag, laptop bag, etc., has to fit the area under your seat.
  •   Economy passengers can have only hand luggage along with personal items.
  •   Your Iberia carry-on size limit is 56*45*9.8 inches.
  •   If you are a business class passenger, you can take two carry-on luggage.
  •   In Economy class, your carry-on luggage cannot exceed 10kgs in weight. For business class, the weight limit is a bit more. It is 14 kg.
  •   If you are traveling with a lap infant, you can carry an extra bag for diapers, breast pump, and other baby supplies.

Now you have all the details regarding the Iberia carry-on policy. They also allow special sports equipment, musical instruments, etc.

How strict is Iberia on baggage size?

Iberia is strict with its baggage fees. That is because they don't want you to end any trouble. Exceeding baggage limits can put you in a tough spot once you arrive at the destination. Most importantly, it can hamper your safety. The Iberia baggage allowance provides ample room to carry what you need. For international flights, the baggage allowance is quite flexible. If you are journeying with a lap infant, Iberia gives you some special provisions. Iberia wants both you and your child to travel in comfort. However, there are situations where you might be compelled to carry extra luggage. Iberia does allow you to add baggage to your checked-in luggage if you pay the Iberia checked baggage price for it. The additional fee can vary depending on your route, class, tax rates, etc. Here you will find all the information you need regarding Iberia Baggage size and weight limits.

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  •   Iberia Airlines will allow you to have one carry-on luggage as an Economy class passenger. It should fit the overhead bin and should not exceed 10kgs.
  •   As a business class passenger, you can have two carry-on luggage. Each not exceeding 14 kgs.
  •   If you have booked the basic economy ticket, you do not get any free allowance for checked-in luggage.
  •   Other than that, optimal and flexible passengers can have one checked luggage under the standard policy.
  •   Business class passengers can have two checked-in luggage.
  •   For both classes, the weight limit for each checked-in bag is 23 kg.
  •   If your bag exceeds 32 kg, it will not get accepted until you repack it.
  •   When your bag has not exceeded 32 kg, you can get it checked in with an additional fee.

So these are the essential information you need to know about Iberia's baggage size and weight limit policy.

How many extra bags can you take on an Iberia flight?

Iberia Airlines is very generous and flexible with its baggage policy. They take all sorts of emergencies and situations into account. For example, in case you are traveling with an infant, you can have one extra bag to carry the baby's supplies. It makes things much easier for the passengers traveling with a child. The checked-in baggage policy is quite standard, allowing you to have one - checked-in luggage two for business class. Your checked-in luggage should not measure more than 158 cm and should not weigh more than 23 kg. If it does weigh more than that but is under 32 kg, you can take it by paying the additional fee. The price might vary based on factors such as the class, your route, local laws, local tax rates, etc. If you don't want to pay the extra cost, you have to stick to the airline's baggage policy strictly.  

So now that you have all the information you need regarding the Iberia Airlines baggage policy, what are you waiting for? Book a ticket with Iberia Airlines and fly to your destination as soon as you can.