Emperor tyrant

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Emperor tyrantEmperor tyrantEmperor tyrantEmperor tyrantEmperor tyrantEmperor tyrant

"There has been too much fighting and killing recently, and too much bloodshed has made people a little tired." The Phoenix Lady didn't seem to hear Li Qiye's praise. She was charming and said, "Since you, Li Qiye, challenge our ghost clan, our ghost clan can't help but be timid and not fight.". How about a little drama? Take the pool in front of you for example, Li Qiye, if you can get deeper into the pool than our ghost clan, then, although I dare not say that I represent the ghost clan, at least the royal family and many ghost clans will not embarrass you any more. "Of course, if you lose to the ghost clan, you should hand over the key to the first grave in your hand. Whoever wins you, the key will belong to him!" The Phoenix Lady threw out a temptation that everyone could not refuse. She said, "The opportunity of Tianling should be left to our ghost clan. Do you think so?" Originally, Shen Ran Feng Nu's words just now were not necessarily willing to be used as a gun for Shen Ran Feng Nu, except for people like Juque Shengzi, who were ambitious. The first World War outside the Snow Shadow Ghost Clan was obvious to all, and there was absolutely no good end for her to be used as a gun. But now the words of the Phoenix Lady have stirred up the nerves of all the ghosts. It is said that although the chance of Tianling has been exchanged for a treasure, it is lucky to say that it can not get a peerless chance,Inflatable outdoor park, which is absolutely no less than the nest of the whole King Kong carp. At this time, the Phoenix Lady said carelessly, "Such a chance, no matter what, I should also challenge you, Li Qiye!" The words of the Phoenix Girl immediately made all the people present palpitate in their hearts! Everyone could not help looking at each other. What a deep scheming, what a powerful means. Lan Yunzhu could not help sighing with emotion when he saw the means of the phoenix girl. This hand is too powerful, which pushed Li Qiye to the top of the wave,Inflatable outdoor park, at this time, I am afraid that anyone wants to challenge Li Qiye! "Really?" Hearing the words of the Phoenix Lady, even the younger generation present could not help asking the elders around them. Everyone knows that there is a Tianling in the land. It is said that there is a big chance to enter the Tianling and come out alive. But not everyone dares to try. Even the ancestors of the great religion will hesitate, not to mention the younger generation. But now the throne has entered the heavenly mausoleum! "Really." The great man of a great religion answered his younger generation and said, "If you have the key to the first grave, you can change a chance in Tianling. Whether the chance is big or small depends on your luck.". In short, it can change a chance. Before that, especially in the first World War outside the Snow Shadow Ghost Clan, many people had the idea of Li Qiye's first grave key. Later, many people gave up. Now the Phoenix Girl mentioned it again, which stirred up everyone's nerves. At this time, everyone held their breath and looked at Li Qiye. Everyone knows that the key to the first grave is on Li Qiye. Li Qiye just smiled at the calculation of the God-burning Phoenix Girl. The Phoenix Lady is trying every means to eradicate him. Now this challenge is just a fuse. Her purpose is to make the whole ghost clan an enemy of him. Li Qiye, do you dare to accept the challenge of our ghost clan? At this time, the Phoenix Lady said slowly. Although the God burning phoenix girl does not represent the entire ghost clan, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable dry slide, but now the presence of many people can see that everyone is salivating for Li Qiye's first grave key. Li Qiye does not necessarily suffer from such a challenge. At this time, even the Empress of Blue Water could not help saying, "The number of people entering the pool does not depend on the strength of the Tao, but on whether they can see through it.". Although, one step is a world, but its essence is still a pool, if we can understand the mystery, there is still much to be done. On the contrary, the higher the way, the greater the restraint! Today, everyone is enthusiastic to see if they can reach the fifth watch. Students who have monthly tickets will vote for them!!! There is no monthly ticket to vote for recommendation. (To be continued.) Chapter 540 competition ? For the time being, the Queen of Blue Water is the farthest of all. It can be said that her words are highly credible. True to my guess, entering the pool does not depend on the depth of the path. Hearing the words of the Queen of Blue Water, someone could not help patting his thigh and saying excitedly. But on this side, regarding the challenge of the God-burning Phoenix Girl, Li Qiye smiled and said slowly, "What's so difficult about this?"? Walk casually is also dozens of steps, you want to challenge, then come on, the loser roll to me, the whole family roll far away to me, where cool where to go! If I lose, I'll give him the key to the first grave! Since the enemy has come to the door to challenge, Li Qiye where there is no reason not to fight? Li Qiye's words immediately made countless ghost monks in an uproar, especially the ghost monks, all staring at Li Qiye, at this time Li Qiye is like a piece of fat meat, everyone wants to bite. Who will challenge first? Li Qiye looked at the Phoenix Lady and said slowly, "Is that you?" "How about I challenge you?" At this time, a cold laugh sounded, only to see the devil stand out, Yin Yin a smile, said: "If you lose, hand over the key to the first grave!"! Besides, get out of here immediately. All the treasures here belong to our ghost clan. "Count me in." Another person stood out at the same time, advancing and retreating together with the ghost insect demon son, this person is the giant Que holy land's giant Que holy son. Do you want to challenge me with eight or nine steps? Li Qiye was too lazy to look at them and said with a smile, "You are too confident." "The winner is still unknown. Don't be so boastful!" Juque Shengzi gave a sneer, and he was full of confidence. As we all know, Juque Shengzi and Ghosts and Insects have only taken eight or nine steps. However, now Juque Shengzi is full of confidence, which makes many people feel uncomfortable and realize that they have reservations before that and have not done their best. Do you represent your clan or the ghost clan? Li Qiye looked at them and said with a flat smile. If I lose. My clan will quit. Juque Shengzi said slowly, "If there is a great religion of the ghost clan following our clan, if we get the treasures here, we will be rewarded." "Yes, so is our worm emperor." Said the devil slowly. No doubt about it. Their practice has been approved by the elders of the two emperors. At this time,Inflatable water park factory, it is not unreasonable for Ghosts, Insects, Demons and Juque Shengzi to make such bold remarks. joyshineinflatables.com