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Lin Gao QimingLin Gao QimingLin Gao QimingLin Gao QimingLin Gao QimingLin Gao Qiming

Ice Wind, 27, this hairy guy is a structural engineer. Have a project manager certificate. He is good at the design and construction of portal steel frame factory buildings and steel structure residential buildings. Yan Que Zhi, 28 years old, chubby, belongs to the talents trained by Chinese university education who know everything and are not good at anything. He graduated from a junior college of hydrology and is a half-baked technician of water conservancy, hydrology and meteorology. Know more about hydrology, understand surveying and mapping, can skillfully use level and theodolite, and slightly understand the structure of water conservancy projects. Mei Wan, 30 years old, an old hoodlum who has been working in a construction company for many years after graduating from the major of architecture, specializes in project cost and management. Be able to use various surveying tools skillfully, and have rich experience in management and coordination of civil engineering. Li Xiaolu, 30, is a professional planner and designer. She has the certificate of architect and planner. Surveying and mapping and planning are her professions. These are the four kings of the so-called construction engineering group. Of course, Li Xiaolu is a woman, but when it comes to the number of certificates, no one can compare. However, she has little practical experience in construction and does not like publicity. So the four King Kong are mainly Meiwan. After all, he has been on the construction site for the longest time and knows something about everything. The headquarters asked us to complete the construction of basic facilities in the port area before dark today: electricity, water supply, setting up unloading yards and storage yards. Complete the simple fortification work. "We have the priority to use materials, machinery and labor," Meiwan said. "Group Leader Mei, we haven't even done the mapping, so we can't make a plan.". I compared the mapping data I brought here, and the terrain here is quite different from that in the 21st century. Li Xiaolu said. There's no time to do it too carefully. Mei Wan said, "Fortunately, this is not the main base for our construction, and we don't need too much planning.". It is mainly a small temporary project. "We have mapped, designed and constructed." Mei Wan is a character who has been on the construction site and is very familiar with how to catch up with the progress. At that time, a division of labor was made. Li Xiaolu and Yanque Zhi were responsible for the surveying and mapping work in the port area. Surveying and mapping work was both technical work and physical work, so a basic labor team was allocated to do auxiliary work. At the same time, a five-shot shotgun was issued by the military team for self-defense. Tian Jiujiu is responsible for the water supply and drainage work in the camp, Chang Kaishen is responsible for the power transmission business, Inflatable 5k obstacle , and as for Bingfeng, his task is the most arduous, building the cargo stack. By contrast, Chang Kaishen's business is easier. The Executive Committee has prepared a variety of power generation devices, as well as many supporting power transmission and transformation equipment, but at this moment these things are still sleeping in containers. As a temporary port camp, the power consumption points are few and the overall load is small: it mainly meets the lighting power, the office power of the headquarters and a few electric loading and unloading mechanical equipment. The electrical load is small. According to this requirement, this simple early version of the power supply network should strive to be simple and reliable, easy to operate and use as few materials as possible. Therefore, Chang Kaishen's plan is not to build a power station on the shore, but to get electricity directly from the auxiliary engine of Fengcheng Ship-although the main engine stops after the ship is anchored, the auxiliary engine still runs all the time, providing energy for the whole ship. The power team pulled out a 380 volt cable directly from the ship's distribution room, fixed along the floating pontoon, and extended to the distribution station on the shore for distribution. The whole power supply network uses the simplest radial connection mode. This connection mode is also the most common mode in China's rural power grid in the past. Its disadvantage is that when the line breaks down or is repaired, it is necessary to temporarily stop the power supply to all users on the line. However, this is still permissible under the current circumstances. The only thing that needs uninterrupted power supply is the operation of it equipment in office power, so the use of ups standby power supply + high-power battery pack can also be satisfied. However, in the actual project, the design of fixing the transmission cable directly on the floating trestle was overturned. The opinion of the Executive Committee was that it might leak electricity and be unsafe. Moreover, the line was fixed on the trestle where people and vehicles came and went repeatedly, which might be unintentionally damaged artificially. The engineering team then changed the design. They took apart a set of backup floating units and connected the empty barrels in series with wire ropes to float on the water. Each barrel is also suspended with a counterweight to maintain its floating stability on the water surface. The water line, originally intended to transmit electricity, soon took on a larger role: first, a floating pipeline was erected to draw diesel oil from the ship, and then a communication team brought the ship's telephone lines directly to shore. In this way, the Fengcheng ship can directly contact the headquarters by telephone or even fax without using the walkie-talkie. The biggest advantage is that Shi Kai of the it group used this telephone line to realize the network connection, and now all the computers on the shore can directly access the server on the ship through the server of the landing headquarters to transmit data in both directions. The OA system has achieved comprehensive coverage. Section 5 Port Construction (II) This book is provided for download by "The personnel of u.c0079, u.c0083, u.c0093 and a.c0197 all gathered at Green Beach and prepared to unload the vehicles." With the call of the walkie-talkie, several professional groups who had just come down from the trestle climbed up lazily from the beach-code-named Red Beach, Red Beach is the landing point from Pier 1, Yellow Beach is the landing point for small boats, Green Beach is a landing point for barges and landing craft-after a day's boat ride, their legs and feet were a little floating. At the rest point, I unloaded my big backpack and sat on the stone panting, saying that it was a rest point for the staff. In fact, there was nothing else except a small folding table with a computer and an account book and a wooden sign with a few big characters. On the beach, which is full of large and small round gravels,Inflatable water obstacle course, there are several signs: toilets, water points and so on, indicating that there will be these things in the future.