Ui cheats extension sims 4 2022

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After you have chosen your sim characters they will be given some starting out money for you to buy them a home to start a life. You can purchase a home that is already built or purchase an empty lot to build your own home on. When you buy your home you will probably find that most of your resources have been depleted, that's okay, it just means that ui cheats extension sims 4 it is time for you to find a job. A sim can find a job in one of two ways; the newspaper or the internet. Look through either one to find what options are available, remember job opportunities come and go on a daily basis so check often until you find the job that you want. You can get a job ranging from a burglar to an actor, but in order to get promotions you must develop the desirable skills necessary for advancement. You will find out what skills your sim needs by checking out the menu that tells you what your current skill level is. At the start of a game your skills will be at zero. Also you must make friends in order to get promotions when you converse with another sim your level of friendship goes up; the computer will tell you once you reach friend status. In order to maintain these friendships you must keep in contact with your friends; the more friends you have the higher the promotions that you will receive.