How to add essential words/phrases in your essay?

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Writing an essay for most people is not an effortless task. It takes tons of experience and an abundance of knowledge when it comes to writing an essay on an academic level.

Writing an essay for most people is not an effortless task. It takes tons of experience and an abundance of knowledge when it comes to writing an essay on an academic level. If you are one of those people who finds it hard to write an essay then you are at a perfect place. We will guide you on how to incorporate essential academic words in your essay and also help you in mastering your essay writing skills. If you want your essay to be appreciated and recognizable then consider these tips to make your essay stand out.

An essay is basically a series of making choices. When you plan that “today I’m going to ask someone to write my essay, you choose your idea on which you want to write, your sources, your title, your theory, and then relevant words to convert that idea into a sentence and eventually into a paragraph. When you further read your essay you make choices like is it important to add in the essay? Will it catch the reader’s attention? Does it sound good? The main body of the essay comprises three parts: introduction, the body, and conclusion. Make sure that your essay is properly structured and gives a clear impression to the reader.

Practice makes the man perfect, no one expects your first essay to be perfect. But the key is to learn something new with each essay. It is a tricky task for an essay writer to use words that deliver meaning exactly as intended. While reading a sentence try to think about it from a reader’s eye, check if it leaves out important information or is it too wordy that the reader will lose interest halfway.

Use of Transition words and phrases:

Transitional words play an important role in linking your sentences together. It gives a clear impression to the reader. While your thoughts and arguments should always be on their own, using some of the terms and phrases discussed below will help you better express your points and hold your reader's attention from beginning to end. While writing an essay the toughest part is to write an introduction. You must keep in mind that your reader has no hint about your essay so you should start an essay with points that encapsulates all the arguments and main ideas of your essay. 

Have you ever talked to a person who loses track of what they are talking about and gets distracted?  In writing, transition words help to prevent us from doing the same thing. Transition words are like bridges in writing, they link sentences with one another. They are used to going forward or backward in an essay.

Types of Transition words:

Transition words may be classified into different types according to the kind of transition you want. For one transition, there are frequently multiple words. Occasionally they signify the same thing, sometimes subtle variances exist. Here is a list of a few transition words that are the essence of every academic writing.

Try to integrate words like firstly, secondly, moreover, finally in your essay. It will help your readers to understand your argument if you present them in the right order and also it will give structure to your argument. If you want to show similarity you can incorporate words like “similarly, likewise, in like manner, in the same manner”. They help in delivering the idea without sounding repetitive, increases clarity, and also helps in linking phrases. 

Here are examples of some other transition words that can be used in a particular scenario.

When you want to emphasize something, try to use words like “above all, most significantly, certainly ”. For showing a contrast between things you can use “however, on the other hand, in contrast to, in spite of, rather, nevertheless”. If you want to suggest something to your reader you can use “for this purpose, therefore”.

When the sentences in your paragraphs are organized in a way that makes your thoughts obvious and understandable to the reader, the link between the sentences and paragraphs are logical, and your ideas flow easily from one sentence to the next, it means you've attained coherence.

Transition words and SEO:

You may wonder how transition words help in search engine optimization? Transition words make reading and understanding the text simpler. And SEO attaches great importance to readability. While they do not have a direct impact on your SEO, they are one of the main readability elements. 

In providing structure to your content, transition words also play a key function. This leads your readers to better comprehend your material. A well-focused copy can assist in attracting visitors to your essay and boost SEO! Also take the help of someone who can write my essay to get an SEO-approved article.

How to use transition words effectively

For using transition words effectively in any writing you must keep in mind the following points:

  1. You should have ample knowledge of different types of transition words.
  2. You must know the correct meaning and usage of the transition word you are using.
  3. Have a clear idea of the relationship between thoughts and arguments in your essay.

Although clear writing is mostly done by deliberately following your ideas. By utilizing transition words in specific phrases you may direct readers around the connections you make. Transitional words and phrases can link your thoughts strongly and allow your reader to comprehend the logic of your writing.

We promise that once you learn the usage of these academic terms, the quality of your writing will improve promptly. You'll also feel more comfortable expressing your ideas and utilizing facts and examples. So make a list of them all and watch your writings go from excellent to exceptional!

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