Clean-Up After Office Renovations

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Many companies have hit the reset button following the coronavirus pandemic, and it's meant reworking the office – often to a smaller space and sometimes larger. Any construction project in the workplace is disruptive, and restarting things is a priority. Manhattan in New York City is an example of a location where the stakes (and costs) are high, and NYC office cleaning companies meet the challenge. They get things cleaned up and their clients back to work in record time after new office construction or renovation projects. It takes the right people and equipment to do the job well and in record time.


Given the cost of rents in NYC, companies don't have a margin for error or delays. Office cleaning services with experience and proven track records of success in helping their clients. Sheetrock or drywall dust is one of the most complicated things to clean up because it quickly clogs vacuum bags and filters. No machine is immune from the complications, and it becomes a mop-and-bucket task handled by experienced team members. Cleaning up dust and debris without damaging new construction is the key to success. The goal is to deliver newly constructed offices in pristine condition and ready to occupy.


If you've outfitted your new offices with exceptional finishes and furniture, you want them to be well maintained into the future. If you're in a business where image matters, offices need to look their best at all times. Letting things become worn or appear damaged is not an option, and inept cleaning services can cause that damage when they fail to use the right products and techniques. Natural wood surfaces require specific care, and it's the same with stone floors – they might sound resilient, but their surfaces are easily dulled. Marble floors also are resilient and last for decades but require expert care to look good.


Most companies today outsource their office cleaning for post-construction clean-up and daily service. It's wise to leave the job to experts with trained technicians and the latest equipment. There are advances in office cleaning methods each year, and they make a difference. Staying on budget and having the best-looking offices is ideal, and when you find the right contractor, you can do it. Ask to see daily checklists when you're interviewing janitorial services. It tells you how thorough they are, and you can compare their work plans. Go for the one with the most comprehensive and realistic list.