Cheap Paper Targets for Shooting in Short Toronto

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Cheap Paper Targets for Shooting in Short Toronto

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This target is ideal for practicing accuracy and precision, preparing for upcoming competitions, shooting sports, and self-defense training. It can be hung on the wall or hung from a free-standing bracket, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Our shooting target is printed with high-grade professional ink on heavy-duty, premium quality paper for a long-lasting shooting experience.

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Bright neon colors boost visibility for short and long range shooting with all calibers on these 18 by 12-inch paper targets for the shooting range. The zones are clearly defined, allowing you to view both bullet holes and markers for the best shooting experience possible.

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great targets size wise and bright colours well worth the price thank you.

Great deal on a 100-Pack hi-viz silhouette targets! If you bought these at Cabelas or at the gun range, you’d pay ridiculous prices. Also, the bullet hits show up very clearly on the targets, so you can adjust your aim/follow-up shots accordingly. Don’t hesitate, pull the trigger on these targets ASAP (Pun intended).

Really well made targets and not the cheap thin paper of most targets. I do a lot of shooting and would recommend these targets to anyone. The only down side is if you are checking shots between reloads it is a bit hard to see your groupings. I have not used these at an outdoor range yet but will in the near future. So I have no comment on working with them outside but the way they are constructed would lend them well to this kind shooting as well.

I enjoy using these targets. Originally they looked a bit small not like your standard range targets but when you think of your average person or what you’ll actually be shooting at in life you’ll see this is perfect. They are much cheaper than buying targets at the range 150 targets would be $150 at the range haha. I enjoy shooting so this works perfect for me. Overall they feel thick not flimsy at all and great value for your money.

I really like these. The thickness of the sheet helps keep it stabilized while hanging... and it doesn't fall apart even though it looks like swiss cheese. Very high quality. My range charges 1.00 per target made of thin paper, prone to waving in the gusts from muzzle blasts and falling apart after the fact. These I think come in at .30 a target. This adds up if your a frequent shooter.

I was cautious buying these to begin with - I thought the quantity and price would equal a flimsy or poor quality product. NOT AT ALL. The are beautifully done targets with a great color finish on them. They were delivered yesterday and I tried one today just to see how it would stand up to 50 or 60 rounds and it was AWESOME. I'm very happy with the product! The manual is just a bonus, but there are some useful drills in it. These were not advertised as splatter targets, but just the same - they are an extremely good and useful product.

100 yd target is what I'm using them for they are a little small but they are bright and I can see where I'm hitting with a spot scope better than regular white targets. I think maybe better for handgun practice.